Generating an Enhanced Debugging auth token

This screen allows you to generate an authentiacation token ("auth token") to enable:

In order to do this, you will need to know your 48-byte or 64-byte debug key, which is defined in your Akamai configuration.

Generate your auth token

  1. Enter your secret debug key in the Debug Key field below
  2. Specify a length of time for the auth token to be valid. Values greater than 1 day (1d) will be rejected.
  3. Click the Generate Auth Token button
  4. On the next page, copy/paste the generated auth token. The page shows how long the auth token is valid for.
Debug Key
Auth Token Duration

The generated auth token will have a format like this:


Debugging your configuration using an auth token

Once you have generated an auth token, you have 2 options in how to enable Enhanced Debugging for a request, as follows:

  1. Pass the auth token directly in the Akamai-Debug request header (as the first 'element', before the specific enhanced debug options)
  2. Pass the auth token in a separate request header or cookie called akamaidebugtoken and pass only the enhanced debug options in the Akamai-Debug request header

In these examples, you are specifying the 'cache' and 'vars' Enhanced Debugging options:

If you choose option #1, you specify the Akamai-Debug request header as follows:

   Akamai-Debug: exp=1553295434~acl=%2f*~hmac=5a682535104b0afcefea68a76a6fb1ec45b26c07373e009d092fcbe1555cbe73 cache vars

If you choose option #2, you specify the Akamai-Debug request header (without the auth token) and pass the auth token in the akamaidebugtoken request header as follows:

   Akamai-Debug: cache vars
   akamaidebugtoken: exp=1553295434~acl=%2f*~hmac=5a682535104b0afcefea68a76a6fb1ec45b26c07373e009d092fcbe1555cbe73

or pass the auth token in the akamaidebugtoken (case-sensitive, must be lower-case) cookie as follows:

   Akamai-Debug: cache vars
   Cookie: akamaidebugtoken=exp=1553295434~acl=%2f*~hmac=5a682535104b0afcefea68a76a6fb1ec45b26c07373e009d092fcbe1555cbe73

Debugging an EdgeWorker using an auth token

Specify the Akamai-EW-Trace header as follows:

   Akamai-EW-Trace: exp=1553295434~acl=%2f*~hmac=5a682535104b0afcefea68a76a6fb1ec45b26c07373e009d092fcbe1555cbe73